About Us

About Us

Giza has designed, managed and built complex building projects in variable and challenging conditions. Giza operates under two main categories: contracting and engineering projects.

Giza Architecture; With its young and dynamic technical staff, it adopts an architectural approach that is constantly developing and renewing itself. The team that handles the location, physical conditions, needs and demands with limitations in architectural design; It has taken its place in architecture in order to reveal the most appropriate and original functional design by considering human, nature and environment.

It stands out with its commercial and factory project structures that aim to design functional, healthy and aesthetic structures and increase efficiency in production.

Giza Architecture has successfully completed more than 450,000 m2 of industrial, office, commercial and residential projects together with its experienced team and solution partners.

Giza Interior Architecture; In the first step of the design, he dreams of spaces aiming at the quality of life and comfort of individuals, as well as the stories that people will come to life with. It produces solutions to offer comfortable spaces that meet aesthetic and functional trends.

Our Customers & Partners

Giza Engineering; It carries out building construction activities that aim to produce commercial and industrial buildings that will increase efficiency in production, enable the manufacturer to produce quality products, and at the same time prioritize health and safety.




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